Concrete single tank systems for up to 10 people – Model ST10 or for up to 8 people – Model ST8

All waste water and solids from house, including bath, shower, toilet, washing machine, dishwasher, etc., enter primary chamber where the digestion process

takes place. The presence of anaerobic micro organisms quickly multiplies to break down faecal solids to an inert waste. To maintain the highest level of anaerobic action in the primary chamber, the exclusion of certain chemical and anti-bacterial cleaning products is important.

Model ST10 has Liquid volume capacity 6,576 litres, tank capacity 7,300 litres.  Model S10 has a measurement of 550mm from bottom of inlet to top of lid.  Model ST8 has a measurement of 780mm  from bottom of inlet to top of lid which allows for a greater fall to the tank from the house, for easier installation and reduces the need for tank risers

Domestic Tankdomestic-system

Reduction in Nitrogen Levels

Model ST10 achieved a 57.9% reduction of Total N (TN) concentration.  Model ST8 achieved a 66.2% reduction of Total N (TN) concentration.


Advantages and Features

  • Maintaining proven efficiency
  • Main baffle extended to lid to prevent cross contamination of chambers
  • Large contact chamber
  • Dual aeration chambers to prevent short circuiting
  • Large self cleaning pump chamber
  • Quiet operation
  • Larger pump cycle for extended pump life & greater irrigation cover
  • Specifically designed media pack
  • Long life irrigation pump
  • Energy efficient air blower
  • 24 hour alarm with mute reset
  • Fully automatic operation
  • Nitrogen reduction

UltraClear Model ST10 Specifications

  • 7315 litre collection well • 3006 litre primary treatment chamber
  • 2 x 1273 litre aeration chambers containing one media pack and two air diffusers each
  • 433 litre settling chamber
  • 591 litre irrigation pump chamber
  • Chlorine disinfection unit
  • HP80 air pump
  • 10 metre head or larger submersible irrigation pump


UltraClear – Accreditation & Manuals

MODEL ST10 ADVANCED  AS 1546.3:2017

Signed CofA Highland Ultra Clear ST10A STS-AWTS055 Feb 2021

ST10 Specifications February 2021

Model ST10 Plumbers Installation Manual March 2021

MODEL ST8 ADVANCED   AS 1546.3:2017

Signed CofA Highland ST8 Advanced STS-AWTS052 Nov 2020

ST8 Specifications Nov 2020

Plumber’s Installation Manual ST8 March 2021

Global Certification Ultra Clear

Owner’s Instruction Manual March 2021


Statement of Service Life & Warranty


The UltraClear domestic model ST10 is intended for the treatment of all domestic wastewater for up to 10 persons per household. All household wastewater is recycled by treatment using anaerobic and aerobic bacteria, with a final disinfection agent. Safe, clean, treated effluent is irrigated onto lawn and gardens, according to government regulations.

The Unique UltraClear Multi Stage Process

UltraClear commercial systems are specifically designed for your on site requirements. They are installed at convention & community centres, pre-schools, wineries, industrial areas, caravan parks & camping grounds, etc.

Commercial AWTS Models
CT13 – up to 13 persons to treat up to 2,000 litres per day
CT20 – up to 22 persons to treat up to 3,500 litres per day
CT25 – up to 25 persons to treat up to 4,000 litres per day
CT40 – up to 40 persons to treat up to 6,000 litres per day
CT60 – up to 60 persons to treat up to 8,500 litres per day

Or a specially designed system for your specific requirements.

Aerobic Treatment
The aerobic treatment consists of two chambers with media pack fixed below water level. Oxygen is supplied to the liquid through diffusers to produce an aerobic state. Microbes quickly form and attach to media pack. These microbes, called aerobes, clean the water as it passes through.

Although clear, the clarified water will contain some pathogens which need to be removed. Water flows through a regulated chlorination device to the retention chamber, removing final bacteria before flowing into the pump chamber.

Surge Control
There is an allowance for water to rise and fall throughout the entire system by up to 250 litres, to reduce water surging through the aeration/settling chambers, allowing complete treatment of effluent.

Settling Chamber
Suspended solids are allowed to settle under still conditions. Settled particles (referred to as sludge) return automatically to primary chamber inlet, by venturi device, which is set by the service technician.

Sludge Return
The settling sludge in the sedimentation chamber is returned to the primary inlet of the septic chamber.

Effluent Disposal
Treated effluent is automatically pumped onto gardens and lawns. Disposal area is to comply with local Council requirements.

When all drainage and electrical supply is connected to the unit by licensed contractors, the system is commissioned by our service technician — 7 days notice is usually required. Landscaping must be completed by the owner to comply with local council requirements. The system operates automatically. It does not need any additives to produce an anaerobic or aerobic state. Any adjustments to the system should be carried out by authorised technicians.

Power consumption to run system is similar to an average household refrigerator.