Concrete single tank systems for up to 10 people – Model ST10 or for up to 8 people – Model ST8

All waste water and solids from house, including bath, shower, toilet, washing machine, dishwasher, etc., enter primary chamber where the digestion process

takes place. The presence of anaerobic micro organisms quickly multiplies to break down faecal solids to an inert waste. To maintain the highest level of anaerobic action in the primary chamber, the exclusion of certain chemical and anti-bacterial cleaning products is important.

Model ST10 has Liquid volume capacity 6,576 litres, tank capacity 7,300 litres.  Model S10 has a measurement of 550mm from bottom of inlet to top of lid.  Model ST8 has a measurement of 780mm  from bottom of inlet to top of lid which allows for a greater fall to the tank from the house, for easier installation and reduces the need for tank risers

Domestic Tankdomestic-system

Reduction in Nitrogen Levels

Model ST10 achieved a 57.9% reduction of Total N (TN) concentration.  Model ST8 achieved a 66.2% reduction of Total N (TN) concentration.


Advantages and Features

  • Maintaining proven efficiency
  • Main baffle extended to lid to prevent cross contamination of chambers
  • Large contact chamber
  • Dual aeration chambers to prevent short circuiting
  • Large self cleaning pump chamber
  • Quiet operation
  • Larger pump cycle for extended pump life & greater irrigation cover
  • Specifically designed media pack
  • Long life irrigation pump
  • Energy efficient air blower
  • 24 hour alarm with mute reset
  • Fully automatic operation
  • Nitrogen reduction


UltraClear Model ST10 Specifications

  • 7315 litre collection well • 3006 litre primary treatment chamber
  • 2 x 1273 litre aeration chambers containing one media pack and two air diffusers each
  • 433 litre settling chamber
  • 591 litre irrigation pump chamber
  • Chlorine disinfection unit
  • HP80 air pump
  • 32 metre head Bianco submersible irrigation pump


UltraClear – Accreditation