Our fees are $125 for the first visit,


$85 per quarterly visit after that


a single yearly payment of $340 (up front)


Credit card accepted, payment online or cash.

Strictly 7 day account.

System Servicing 


  • The first years servicing is free of charge, with the purchase of a new AWTS system.
  • All AWTS are to be serviced every three months as required by NSWHD and Local Councils.
  • After that, we at Pure Water Solutions AWTS, offer a yearly service agreement to retain full warranty benefits.

Existing AWTS:

  • To be serviced every three months as required by NSWHD and Local Councils.
  • General inspection of the area.
  • Ensure that the inlet junction is clear.
  • Inspect sludge levels in the primary tank or chamber.
  • Check aeration chamber/s and adjust airflow as required or recirculation pump, if installed.
  • Clean the aeration filter and replace it every two years.
  • Clean internal filters.
  • Clean chlorinator.
  • Adjust sludge return and skimmer settings.
  • Test pH, and replenish chlorine.
  • Inspect irrigation area, ensure sprinklers are free of blockages and clean irrigation filter if applicable.
  • Check for electrical safety and control box.
  • Check alarms – air and high water.
  • The detailed report is supplied to the client.
  • Copy is sent to the council on your behalf.

Customer  Responsibilities

Please ensure that all manholes on the tank and electrical box are clear of foreign matter or debris? This includes; bark chips, mulch or ornamental aggregate & building materials etc.

Adhere to the guidelines and tips, which you will be given, on how to maintain a healthy and trouble-free system.

Check sprinklers between servicing.