Installation Schedule

  1. Application to council will be submitted on the acceptance of quote. (We will assist with this process). Council may require GeoTech Report
  2. Advise Pure Water Solutions that council approval has been granted to install system.
  3. Advise of approximate delivery date of system.
  4. Schedule excavator.
  5. Schedule plumber to fit and install system.
  6. Schedule electrician to connect power to system.

We can recommend experienced local trades 4,5,6 (familiar with the UltraClear system)

Next steps

  1. Payment in full, prior to tank delivery.
  2. UltraClear tank is installed with the expertise of 4,5,6.
  3. Tank is filled with water immediately after installation – Water must be available on site.
  4. Pure Water Solutions will contact council, on your behalf seeking approval to commission your new AWTS system.